What Authors Don’t Tell You

May 18th, 2013 | Author: Leil Lowndes

Authors often gush that writing a book is like having a baby. It's true. Like most conceptions, it all begins with a mind-blowing orgasm–the idea for the book you MUST write. You breathlessly scribble the proposal and ecstatically hyperventilate when a publisher says “Yes.” Then the madness begins–waking up in the middle of the night scrawling thoughts on scraps of paper, jumping out of bed at 5:00am cursing the coffee machine to go faster so you can get to the computer. During the few non-writing hours you permit yourself, you bore your exasperated family and friends with your fabulous ideas that are going to forever change readers’ lives for the better. Sheer ecstasy.

Finally the nine months of tough labor is over and your bundle of joy is born. (The one I just gave birth to is “How to Create Chemistry with Anyone—75 Ways to Spark it Fast and Make it Last.”) You caress the first author’s copy and, when no one is looking, even give it a kiss. Everyone "oohs" and "ahhs" at the pub party telling you how wonderful your book is (neglecting the fact they haven’t read it.) Then comes the publicity tour, nonstop media interviews, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and endless podcasts.

But then suddenly, about a month later, SCREECH – it all comes to a sudden halt. The slashed umbilical cord is agony. You get a bad case of postpartum depression and empty nest syndrome all rolled into one. So what’s the cure?

The blessed cure is something hopefully you have been doing all along and I’m going to start regularly now. Writing BLOGS. It’s the best part–-you have the pleasure of sharing your ideas with the world. And you avoid the worst, the anguish of post-book depression. My obsessive wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night passion has now returned. I hope to make difference in blog readers' lives by sharing my observations here and in my communication tips. I hope you’ll return here to my new site often to read them.

Please write to me and let me know where to find your blog too so I can have the pleasure of reading yours.

7 Responses to What Authors Don’t Tell You

  • Steve Dodd says:

    Leil, this is terrific! Your blogs have always been good and most helpful. Glad you’re starting up again. Can’t wait for more! You may even evolve your next great book by hearing from your readers.

  • leil says:

    Steve, dear friend whom I’ve never “met,” you were the impetus in getting me started in the big wide world of blogging. And, if nothing else, it’s giving me great pleasure. Thank-you so much.

  • Scott says:

    Psychic? I was just wondering why your blog went dark before clicking your link to find you are back. Please write about how to deal with the discomfort of standing with another person and the uncomfortable feeling when the small talk runs out fast!

  • Denese says:

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