How to Handle Getting Interrupted

June 27th, 2013 | Author: Leil Lowndes


I hate getting interrupted! Even when I’m saying something worthless, which is most of the time, I recoil when someone interrupts me. I have one friend who does it constantly. Of course he’s not trying to torture me. If he were, he’d let me finish making a fool of myself instead of cutting me off.

Due to his egregious intrusions, however, I became obsessed with seeing how other interruptees handled this dismaying situation. Over a six month period, I heard nine of unfortunate responses and retorts. Some of the following made the interruptee look worse than the interrupter.

Point to mouth and say, "Lips moving, still talking."

“If you don’t mind, I haven’t finished my point.”

“Is it my turn to speak yet?”

“Go ahead, you have the floor",

“I don't interrupt you when you talk, I appreciate the same courtesy.”      

“Ex-CUSE, me. I was talking.”

"Sorry for talking while you were interrupting",

"Excuse me, did I take a breath and give you the impression I was done speaking?"

"Shut the f__k up you ignorant twat, I'm talking"

So, how should you respond when someone cuts you off? Simply listen attentively to the interrupter. Then smile and continue, “As I was saying…"  (He or she will get the point, feel like a creep, but everyone will respect you – including the creep who interrupted you.)


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