You want to tell your friend something “interesting?”

October 11th, 2015 | Author: Leil Lowndes

How many times have you heard someone preface what they are about to say with, “Oh, this is interesting . . .” Now you’re waiting for this fascinating fact, big headline, or something you assume you too will find intriguing. Then, wide-eyed, she or he tells you what s/he found so intriguing. But, snore, you don’t. In fact you find it totally mundane or boring

OK, this person is not going to lose your valued friendship or respect over something that small. But it doesn’t help you feel closer to him or her either. Let’s just chalk it up to their tiny communicating gaffe. So what's the comunication tip?

If you find yourself tempted to start saying something with the common phrase, “This is interesting” try to catch yourself and change that to, “You MAY find this interesting.” And then proceed. Now you’re covered in case your "interesting" story bores them.

Oh oh, the common phrase, “This is interesting” just slipped out and you can’t catch it before it rolls off your tongue? No problem. Simply add, “Well at least I found it interesting.” Then relax and proceed talking about what YOU found fascinating. Who knows s/he might too. But now you’re not risking having your friend roll their eyes.


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