January 16th, 2015 | Author: Leil Lowndes

Sometimes it absolutely amazes me that two people enjoying an activity together think they’re having the same experience. No way!  Everyone notices different aspects of whatever they’re doing. For instance, when you and a friend walk down a street together, you may think you're seeing the same things. But it’s not true!

Last weekend, a friend and were sauntering down a suburban street. Paola pointed out to the intricate designs the shadows the trees were playing on the cement. Paola is a photographer.  This morning, I strolled down the same street with another friend. Andrew expressed surprise seeing a Tudor style house on the same block with a Prairie style. (I wouldn’t have noticed either, let alone being able to name them!) Andrew is an aspiring architect.

Where is this going? It's to confess that I don't really notice tree patterns or house styles. Or even the weather or foliage. What I notice is people—their human actions and reactions in conversation. You could accuse me of being obsessed with it, you'd be absolutely right. In my future blogs, I want to share mini-stories with you of, IMHO, great communicating and, well, not-so-great communicating.  I’m going to label them COOL-COMMUNICATING and CRAPPY-COMMUNICATING. Understandably those last words are ugly to some. (Me too!) But CrappyCommunicating is usually ugly to the listener as you’ll see in the blog that follow.

I sincerely hope some of the suggestions will be obvious to you. And, if they are, Congratulations! That means you are a truly rare and sensitive communicator.

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