July 21st, 2010 | Author: Leil Lowndes

OK, I know the following is surprising, a bit unusual. Even weird. But everybody knows that authors write their own bios and comments. And most paint a rosy picture of their books. It’s only natural. (Besides, their publishers would strangle them if they didn’t!)

So my conscience lets me sleep at night, I’m going to live dangerously and do something a little different. But don’t tell my publisher! Because I want you to enjoy and get a lot out of any of my books that you choose, I’ll give you my HONEST opinion of which ones are good, which are only OK, and which is lousy.


HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE     (92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships)

 IMHO, these first two books are fabulous and practically all readers will get a lot out of them. They help you become a better communicator in both social and business relationships. You won’t find these techniques anywhere else, and they are easy to learn. Readers have sent me email from all over the world telling me how it has changed their lives. (BTW, “TALKING THE WINNER’S WAY,” is the same book because it was the original title. So please don’t make a mistake and buy both.)


HOW TO INSTANTLY CONNECT WITH ANYONE     (96 All-New Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships)

 Ditto the above except they are completely different techniques for creating and maintaining relationships. ((I like to call them “Little Tricks.”) Please read the rave Amazon reviews to see how both books have helped so many people.  Just like “How to Talk to Anyone,” there is a shaded box at the end of each chapter summarizing the technique.


UPDATING    (How to Date Out of Your League)

This one is a bummer – a dumb superficial book which I wrote when I was going through a tough period in my life. Don’t buy it. You’d be wasting your money.


HOW TO BE A PEOPLE MAGNET    (Finding Friends and Keeping Them for Life)
This book is OK but readers over 25 may find it  a bit too basic. However it is helpful for younger readers because it covers some of the fundamental skills for making friends.


HOW TO MAKE ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU    (85 Scientifically Proven Ways)

If you’re looking for love, this

one is great. The title says it all! You won’t find any touchie-feelie stuff here. Each of the unusual 85 techniques is based on solid research with the studies referenced in the appendix. Some are subtle. Some are outrageous. But the bottom line is, they all work – if you follow them correctly.


GOOD-BYE TO SHY   (85 ShyBusters that Work!)

This fine book comes straight from heart. I wrote this one because I understand so well the nightmare that Shy people go through. I was painfully timid as a teen. In fact my “Social Anxiety Disorder” is what made me dedicate my life to helping others become better communicators. In this book, I give you 85 “ShyBusters,” many of which cured my own shyness, and many based on the latest research. Hundreds of readers have written telling me that the book “cured” their shyness. And countless others who aren’t shy have told me how the book boosted their confidence to greater levels.


HOW TO TALK TO ANYBODY ABOUT ANYTHING     (Breaking the Ice with Everyone from Accountants to Zen Buddhists)

This book is not for everybody.  However, it’s very useful for say, salespeople or dentists who want to establish rapport and get good conversation going with a wide variety of clients. I feel bad, though, because title is completely misleading. It sounds like it contains communicating “techniques” similar to those in “How to Talk to Anyone” and “Instantly Connect,” but it doesn’t. This book has 700 opening “insider’s” questions to ask people in lots of different jobs and hobbies.  Because so many people bought it thinking it was something else, I’ve taken it off my website, but it’s on Amazon. If you’re looking for techniques to become a better communicator, read the first two books in this list instead.


UNDERCOVER SEX SIGNALS  (A Pick-up Guide for Guys)

OK, dude, this one’s for you. Do you know that 97.6% of men in the world don’t pick up on a woman’s signals?  They can’t tell if a woman likes them or not.  Yet, to us females, it’s so obvious! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I had 4 of my girlfriends, 3 of them top models, demonstrate the expressions and moves for you. When you learn to recognize them, you’ll never strike out again. Why? Because, even before you make the first move, you’ll know whether she likes you or not.  (Ladies, since men are so clueless, you can learn a lot from this book too. Just exaggerate each signal in the photos 10 times and guys MAY pick up on it!)


Most of my books are available in audio and for Kindle. If you’re an audio-holic as I am, you’ll find a complete list at my audio-publisher’s website: http://www.listenandlive.com//advanced_search_result.php?osCsid=290102be0555c1bf04873a9b09e86388&keywords=Leil+Lowndes

Three short e-books just came out which just are excerpts from “How to Talk to Anyone” and “How to Instantly Connect With Anyone.” If you already have those two books, don’t buy these because they are pretty much the same material:





Forgive me if I sound schmaltzy now. But I truly care about my readers and want you to buy only the books which are right for you. I’m grateful that you read them and am so happy when you write to tell me how they’ve helped your life.

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