Make people look forward to seeing you again

October 15th, 2015 | Author: Leil Lowndes

Today I ran into a neighbor at the deli that I hadn’t seen in two weeks. The last time we’d talked, it was the usual small talk – chatting about this and that and nothing. I do remember, however, discussing my dear departed cat, Louie, and told her I was thinking of getting another.

 Okay, two week past and rushing around this morning I spotted her on the street. I like her but considered crossing the street to avoid another spate of somewhat boring small talk.

Oops, too late! “Hi, Leil,” she beamed, her face lighting up. The first thing she said was asking if I’d ever gotten a new cat. Well, that made me purr because I love talking about those lovely little furry creatures. She then referred to “Louie” by name.

Bottom line, another person was added to my “people I really like” list. Why? Because she remembered something I enjoyed talking about and actually remembered Louie’s name! That was pretty cool communicating. And I certainly won’t try to avoid her again.

BIG WINNER’S LITTLE TRICK: After having a conversation with someone, make a note of what you chatted about that they enjoyed. Then refer to it next time you see them.

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