July 30th, 2015 | Author: Leil Lowndes

How many dozens of times has someone said something to you and, ‘fes up, you just weren't listening? It’s embarrassing. And, worse, it makes the person feel like he/she wasn’t worth listening to. Big Winners don’t get ahead by making others feel insignificant. In fact, just the opposite. So, instead of blurting out the usual “Huh?” or “What did you say,” (which it makes it obvious that you weren't listening,) try this Little Trick. A man I highly respected used it on me when I’d said something to him–which was probably not worth listening to anyway! But that's beside the point.

LITTLE TRICK: When someone says something and its obvious you weren’t listening, try this Big Winner’s trick. He said “Oh I'm so sorry, I was miles away. Please tell me what you said” It sounds more intelligent and less dismissive. Oh, and don’t forget to use his/her name at the end to reinforce your respect.


  • Steve Dodd says:

    Happens all too often! I like the idea of just saying ‘I’m sorry but I don’t understand, come again?’ But no matter what you say you sound like a dope if the person just complimented your tie! Best solution is just pay attention, IMO!

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