Here's what Meeting Planners from various industries are saying about Leil . . .

CORPORATE: "I have been conducting programs for 14 years and never have I been so impressed!"
~ Paula Lamont, Program Organizer, KODAK, New York

GOVERNMENT: "Wonderful program! Participants have been praising your energy, dynamism and outstanding presentation."
~ Patricia Garamendi, Associate Director, U.S. PEACE CORPS, Washington D.C.

ASSOCIATION: "Your presentation for the YPO group was highly rated and you enlightened them on the subconscious interactions and subliminal approaches that increase sales and networking success. Many of the members enjoyed the personal time with you at the dine-around and ask how you are doing frequently. We are looking forward to having you back at our National Conference."
~ Brian Meng, Program Planner, YOUNG PRESIDENTS ORGANIZATION, Iowa

SOCIAL: "You drew one of the largest and most enthusiastic audiences at our annual conference — and the crowd simply didn't want to let you go! Attendees later described you as a "spirited whirlwind" and "energy personified." Your talk was "fantastic," "dazzling," and "fun." Leil, you made an unforgettable impression on a group that is not easily impressed."
~ Simone van Egeren, Program Director, MENSA, Boston

BUSINESS GROUP: "Rave reviews. You made this event a huge success! Our members both personally and professionally benefited from your excellent presentation" ~ Jack Ryger, Program Director Business Professionals, UJA FEDERATION, New York

COLLEGE: "Fantastic job! Highest attendance of any program we had this year. Thank you for your valuable advice and timely insights into today's workplace." ~ Kevin Wood, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, Ambler, Pennsylvania

EMPLOYERS COUNCIL: Leil has been presenting seven different seminars for the BEC us for 15 years, and we hope to have her for the next 15! She has the widest range of programmes of all our trainers, and is one of the best. Not to mention a pleasure to work with. ~ Malcolm Dixon, President, Bermuda Employers' Council

SALES MEETING: "Leil received rave reviews from top sales professionals for her discussion of the subliminal approaches and subconscious interactions that take place in any sales presentation. Her program brought new insights and is definitely not the same material often heard from sales professionals and business consultants.
~ Peter Grimes, Publisher, VOWS JOURNAL