Leil has been consulting and giving communication skills seminars for corporations, associations, and government for twenty years. No two of her programs are alike, except that they all are high energy, entertaining, informative, and tightly tailored to the participants’ needs. To help her further sculpt the presentation, fill out the Pre-Program Questionnaire. She wants to assure you’ll have your program just the way you like it. (And look like a hero for choosing Leil!)


How to Talk to Anybody About Anything

Leil’s signature presentation is so exhilarating it makes even the walls want to break loose and talk to each other! Attendees gain communication strategies to immediately boost their effectiveness on the job and in their personal lives. Her insights into the secrets of effective communication will have the audience laughing while they learning–because this is one smart, funny lady.

Leil Lowndes is one of America’s most
popular and powerful speakers


Leil’s clients include. . .

Shell Oil, HSBC, The Walt Disney Company, Young Presidents’ Organization, Kodak, State Farm Insurance, Sales & Marketing Council, National Association of Home Builders, Aon Financial Services, Folgers Coffee, Mattel Toys, United Airlines, the Government of Bermuda, the U.S. Peace Corps, and many others. See Client testimonials


Leil’s most requested program

How to Talk to Anybody About Anything

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Corporate Training Programs:
Supervisory and Management Skills
Presentation Skills
Powerful Communication Skills for Women
Polished Professional: Support Staff Shape-Up
Top Notch Telephone Techniques
Networking for Nerds
How to Sell Anything – The Basics

Business Leaders’ testimonials

Your ability to communicate with power and impact can change your life — and Leil shows you HOW. Truly extraordinary!

~ BRIAN TRACY, America's #1 expert on sales and business and author of Advanced Selling Strategies

The lost art of verbal communication may be revitalized by Leil Lowndes.

~ HARVEY MACKAY, author “Swim With the Sharks”

Leil . . . teaches you how to talk and communicate with heart and soul that will get results NOW.

~ MARK VICTOR HANSEN, master motivator and author of the best selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series