This high‑energy, content-filled program gives attendees the skills to be a more Powerful Communicator. Whether it’s for networking, making the sale, or just being more effective—on the job and off—people come away with new skills they can start using immediately. It is filled with practical guidelines, tactics and techniques for the man or woman who wants to go beyond mere competence . . . and achieve excellence.  The program arms attendees with powerful communications skills to meet, befriend, impress, present, persuade, negotiate and work with everyone more effectively

You can book “How to Talk to Anyone,” (named after her best-selling book by that title,) as a keynote, break-out session, or all-day training. Meeting planners often open their event with it as a general session to make attendees eager to mix and mingle with each other. After all, your organization’s most important resource is its people.

The program includes how to:

  • Enter a room and make people feel “instant rapport” with you
  • Deliver the one never-fail best opening phrase when meeting strangers
  • Work a party like a politician works a room.
  • Discover your own communicating style and build upon it
  • Make your chit-chat captivating, and then turn it quickly into meaningful communicating
  • Make a graceful exit from one conversation so you can move on to another
  • Sound like an insider in any crowd—no matter how little you have in common
  • Tap a fool-proof technique to never be stuck for something interesting to say again
  • Give the most advantageous answer to "And what do you do?"
  • Speak the hidden language of inflection, tone, and body movement
  • Grasp the subconscious interactions that take place in all communicating
  • Recognize the importance of micro expressions, theirs—and yours
  • Stamp out common inadvertent gestures and words that can undermine your credibility
  • Develop a more authoritative and professional presence
  • Learn the subtle differences between dealing on the phone, in email, and in person
  • Answer tough questions and deal with specific sticky situations
  • Come out “smelling like a rose” even though you’re “guilty as heck”
  • Learn the vastly different ways to communicate with males, females, older and younger colleagues or customers, and different personalities of people
  • Avoid the 10 common phrases that you should NEVER use in conversation

Leil's unique techniques have catchy names to make them unforgettable ‑‑ and simple to use whenever the need arises. Meeting planners have told her that attendees talk about her techniques (like “Sticky Eyes” for eye contact and “Parroting” to get people talking) for years after. People who have attended her programs say they experienced dramatic positive changes in their lives and careers.