How to Sell Anything

There is one component common to every sale. When customers buy, they are not buying just a product or service. They are buying an experience . And it's their heart, not their head that tells them to make the purchase . . . or walk away. Whether you have a long sales cycle, or work in retail, participants in this unique selling seminar will learn subliminal techniques to understand and relate to the prospect. Then intuitive ways to decide how to close the sale. The program helps them gain pride in the fact that they work in the most needed and potentially profitable profession in the world today, Selling . When being a professional and respected salesperson it is integrated into their self image, their sales increase dramatically. (Mystery shopping can be discussed.)

* Establish relationship with the buyer in both short and long selling cycles
* Use emotional intelligence to stimulate sales
* Gain a deeper understanding of their clients` needs, even in a quick retail sale
* Learn subtle ways to qualify the client
* Take the cold out of cold calling with proven telephone methods
* Learn why you're selling when listening. The ideal speak/listen ratio is 20/80
* Grasp the power of asking questions, more questions, and then more questions
* Cultivate a sensitivity to customers` subliminal buying signals
* What cues to look for and then direct their presentation.

At the end of the program, participants understand that, after clients buy with their hearts, they justify it with their heads. Now the participants learn natural “trick-free” closing tactics.

One of Leil's clients summed it up: "Leil Lowndes has received rave reviews from top sales professionals for her discussion of the subliminal approaches and subconscious interactions that take place in any sales presentation. Her programs bring new material and is not the same material often heard from sales professionals and business consultants." Peter Grimes, Vows Business Journal