Supervisory and Management Skills

Whether you are an experienced manager who wants to make your department function more smoothly, or you've just been promoted, Make Your Department Shine gives you dozens of concrete management tools you can start using immediately. The program shows you how to get peak performance from your team while maintaining their loyalty and respect. You will also find ways to earn positive recognition from peers and bosses.

Through lecture, films, and discussions, you will learn to . . .

* Assess your own leadership style
* Discover ways to eliminate bad attitude
* Mold a terrific team out of diverse employees
* Earn the respect of management, peers, and employees
* Learn specific steps to curb employees' tardiness, personal phone calls, untimely vacation or time-off requests, malicious gossip, negative attitude, and much more
* Gain respect in meetings and keep the floor when you are interrupted
* Master techniques to motivate and maximize employees' abilities
* Explore ways to 'listen between the lines' when employees talk to you
* Deal effectively with friends you must now supervise
* Master all the essentials of effective E-mail – plus when to use it and when not to!
* Conduct effective and stress-free employee performance evaluations
* Master negotiation techniques to get what you need
* Discover the power of questions and how to get employees to answer their own
* Manage your time and eliminate stress
* Turn an unproductive employee around
* Get clashing employees to settle their differences amicably
* Increase your visibility within your organization
* Quickly identify difficult employees and redirect them with swiftness and ease.
* Gain all the tools to be self-assured, relaxed, and in control
* Recognize when to train, when to manage, when to counsel, when to confront, when to COACH, — and the important differences in all of the above.