No matter how secure someone is in his or her individual social or professional life, most people's legs turn to linguini at the very thought of "working a room" to make important contacts. Yet, personal relationships are crucial to professional success. We all know that business can be cut-throat competitive but it must appear more gentle and genuine.

"How can I meet the people I want?" "How should I make the first move?" "How should I follow up?" It can't look blatant so another big question is "How and when should I bring up the business aspect?" This course helps you meet and get the best out of everyone who is potentially important to you on any occasion.


* Work a party like a politician works a room
* Turn any social gathering into a business opportunity
* Approach the people you choose to meet and achieve your goals with them
* Make a strong first impression consistent with your company's image
* How to make a graceful exit from one conversation so you can move on to another
* Discover the most advantageous place to stand at gatherings
* Learn and practice the never-fail best opening phrase
* Recognize business opportunities and act quickly upon them
* Discern who is a potential customer and how to get introduced or make the approach
* Master "small talk," and then quickly turn it into meaningful communicating
* Become sensitive to timing, especially when to mention your service or product
* Stamp out common inadvertent gestures (and words) that undermine credibility
* Give the most advantageous answer to "And what do you do?"
* Perfect your "Elevator Speech" – and vary it depending on who's the listener
* Speak the hidden language of inflection, tone, and body movement
* Deal gracefully with sensitive situations
* Employ the SOFTEN technique to always look confident, credible, and charismatic
* Tap a fool-proof technique to never be stuck for something interesting to say again
* Avoid the 10 common phrases that you should NEVER use in conversation