Top-Notch Telephone Techniques

Telephone Excellence in Just One Day

How an employee handles phone calls is often the entire impression callers get of you and your company or department. In this intensive workshop, participants will master ALL the essentials of dealing with customers, clients, prospects, internal customers and other callers over the phone. Whether for incoming or outward bound sales calls, you will hear a dramatic difference after they have attended this programme.

* Incoming Calls
* Give a positive and LIVELY phone presence in the first 6 seconds
* Stamp out the bored 'I've answered the phone a thousand times' sound
* Make all callers feel they're getting priority treatment, even when time is tight
* Take ownership of the call and not just pass the buck
* Learn how to be "professionally friendly"
* Juggle day-to-day multiple incoming calls
* Adeptly manage callers and face-to-face customers at the same time
* Graciously put callers on hold in a way that makes them content to wait
* Screen calls expertly and graciously (so the caller never feels screened!)
* Take accurate messages and be able to relay the hidden one underneath
* Cultivate a great animated voice quality
* A fool-proof action plan to help you calm angry or irrational customers. Specific ways to handle the "already ruffled caller", "the abusive caller", the "nosy caller", the "too friendly caller", and the caller who insists, "Let me talk to your supervisor!"
* Time is money. How to get off the line quickly and courteously