The Polished Professional

One Day Support-Staff Shape-Up and Skill-Sharpening

When you can spare your staff for only one day, this jam-packed chock-full-of-guts programme teaches your employees everything they need to know to make themselves worth their weight in gold to you and to your company. Through films, lectures, exercises, and role-play, both experienced and new employees will master professional communication skills, telephone excellence, and a work ethic which encompasses many proficiencies. The Polished Professional stresses the all-important intangible 4 A's: — Attitude, Appearance, Animation and Articulation.

* Learn what professionalism means
* Exude a more energetic, up-beat "I'm here for you" attitude, both in person and on the phone
* Get and stay motivated
* Graciously handle ANGRY and difficult customers, visitors, or callers
* Deal effectively with internal customers, (colleagues, supervisors, and those in other departments.)
* Become a telephone maestro and enhance your value to the company as a front line rep
* Get tips for professional grooming and wardrobe to reflect the company image
* Learn powerful communication skills that make people listen to you
* Comprehend and deal with cultural differences and , language difficulties
* Know when to take responsibility and act upon it (and when to "kick it upstairs
* Juggle priorities to get it all done
* Sharpen your written communications or E-mail to make it more professional
* Learn about personality types and how t o deal with them
* Understand what bosses want from you and then exceed their expectations
* Be an extension of your boss so she or he can depend on you
* Manage stress so it doesn't manage you Handle criticism so you benefit from it
* Respond calmly and correctly to problems — even unexpectedones
* Master listening techniques to double your effectiveness
* Learn to balance your work life and personal life so you feel fulfilled in each
* Be prepared for an all-inclusive exhaustive but exhilarating day. You will return to the office recharged, refreshed, and eager to put the new outlook and skills techniques you learned to work.