Become a Confident and Accomplished Speaker in Just One Day

Powerful Presentations is designed for business professionals who have the usual speaking qualms, as well as seasoned speakers who want to polish their skills. This "Learn by doing" workshop offers the opportunity to perfect and practice your standard and/or upcoming presentations. You attain all the skills needed to deliver convincing presentations that are clear, informative, memorable and motivating. Through lecture, demonstration, and filming your "before" and "after" presentation, you will overcome anxiety about speaking in front of groups.

* Critique yourself via video
* Further develop your own personal presenting style — voice, projection, gestures, movement, facial expression, etc.
* Organize you ideas for impact, and outline your presentation logically
* Create and place notes so you don't appear to be looking at them
* Conduct flawless Q&A sessions
* Give the opening and closing of your presentation optimum impact
* Establish rapport with the audience and learn how to read them
* Recognize the benefits AND pitfalls of PowerPoint, transparencies, flip charts, and handouts
* Expertly handle difficult questions, hecklers, personal attacks, and unresponsive audience members
* Determine the optimum timing and length of your presentation
* Learn to write the most effective handouts for your presentation
* Discover ways to self-evaluate your programme and encourage audience feedback if desired

PLUS! You will receive a list of hilarious "save" lines so you come out ahead during speakers' nightmares such as: tripping; burping; having a coughing fit; arriving late; being inappropriately dressed; the microphone squealing: the projector bulb, house lights or your carefully-prepared PowerPoint presentation going down; an audience member becoming noticeably ill; a fire alarm or cell phone ringing; room too hot or cold; forgetting your train of thought; an audience member heckling or snoring; and even putting your foot in your mouth!