Powerful Communications Skills for Women

You know that achieving confidence, credibility, composure and is tough for women in today's environment, especially in any organization where most of those at the top are men. This content-filled seminar arms you with powerful communications skills to persuade, present, negotiate, impress, understand, and work better with both men and women. (Different styles required!) Through lecture, films, and discussions, you will learn to . . .

* Discover your own communication style and build upon it
* Develop a more authoritative and professional presence
* Gain respect in meetings, and learn what to do when interrupted or belittled
* Deliver a seated, impromptu, or formal presentation with confidence
* The most powerful outgoing message on your voice mail
* Discover ways to give your E-mails more punch
* Avoid common mistakes that might mark you as "lightweight"
* Learn what office politics really is (and decide if you should play the game)
* Learn why and how you should deal differently on the phone than in person
* Deal with colleagues you don't like
* Discover the most appropriate hairstyle, makeup and clothing (power colors)
* How to listen, and speak so others listen to you
* Master the power walk and other strong movements
* Turn criticism into an opportunity to shine
* Avoid conflict, or at least turn it into productive and positive differences
* Answer tough questions and deal with specific sticky situations
* Control your own emotions
* Learn the vastly different ways to communicate with males, females, older and younger colleagues or customers, and different types of people