Get Business Associates to Read Your Messages

Author: Leil Lowndes

Did you know that people who reside in mental institutions use the word “I” twelve times more than “non-residents?” Ergo, it figures that the fewer times you use the word “I,” the more lucid—and less self-centered—you sound. If you use the word “I” too many times, people often tune out on what you are saying, either in conversation or email. So here’s a little technique to get your recipients more interested.

Just for fun, open any recent business email you’ve written and count the number of times you began sentences with “I.”” Now turn as many of them around and begin with “You.”

Example . . .Let’s say you just ordered a dozen gizmos from Mr. Smith. See which confirmation response makes you feel better about him and his company.
“Dear Ms. Jones: We received your order for two gizmos yesterday. I will e-mail you as soon as they come and I will send them out the day after.”
That’s AVERAGE. Now let’s use the “You” for “I” substitution trick.
“Dear Ms. Smith: YOUR order for two gizmos arrived yesterday. YOU will be notified by e-mail as soon as they come in and YOU’LL receive them the day after.”

When you become a “You Oriented” person in all your communicating, you will be more successful and better liked. The result? More friends and more business. Go ahead and edit one of your old messages now. I think you’ll see the difference.

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