How to Get the Best Service on the Phone

Author: Leil Lowndes


When talking to customer service, call centers, tech support, secretaries or sales reps on the phone, you’re at their mercy on what they'll do for you–and how fast. Here are tiny tips for getting the best, speediest and most pleasant service he/she has to give.  

First thing, give YOUR name. That personalizes it and, who knows, she may think you’re a VIP whose name she’s supposed to know.When he barks, "Please hold," don't just grumble “okay.” Say "Of course, take your time." (He'll be shocked and want to come back much sooner!)

If you're a little slow giving information she needs, say, "You must have tremendous patience to do this job." (She appreciates the rare compliment and now wants to help you all the more.)

Ask his name so he feels responsible. Be sure to preface your request with "You’re great. May I ask your name?” to assuage paranoia about being reported. And, now that you know his name, he's more anxious to solve your problem. His job—and a good employee's pride–often depends on it. End your conversation with, "Great service!" Or "Thanks for your excellent help." Now you've made his/her day in a tough often thankless job.

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