How to Connect with Someone in a Group

Author: Leil Lowndes

Watch out, the following “Little Trick,” if done incorrectly, can make you look creepy. But, if you execute it smoothly when the situation is right, you win the affection and respect of someone you want to impress. You can use it with a stranger in a group or someone you know.

Let’s say you’re chatting with several people.  Your eyes are usually on the person who is speaking, right? Your gaze bounces back and forth between whoever is speaking as if you’re watching a tennis game.

But if you want to establish a tighter relationship with one of the people in the group, scramble things up a bit. Let’s say you wish to win the heart and mind of person A.  Keep your eyes on him/her even while someone else in the group is speaking. This indicates you are interested in Person A’s reaction to what is being said. It suggests that you respect Person A and you want to find out more about him/her.

Be careful, though, because in certain situations this technique can make you seem judgmental or hint that you feel superior. However, if you give Person A a slight smile or nod to express your pleasure at their reaction, it’s a powerful relationship booster. 

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