Make him/her feel like a person, not a customer

Author: Leil Lowndes

This tip is for anyone who deals with the public, especially retail and customer service folks. Yesterday I was at a draperies store talking with a sales associate about purchasing some window shades. She was knowledgeable, had good eye contact, and listened to what I had I had to say. She then nodded and smiled. So far, so good.

Then, BOOM. The minute I’d finished placing my order, she immediately looked away and went back to her computer. How do you think me feel? Right, it gave me the sense that I was just someone she’d gotten a sale out of and then I immediately transmogrified into a non-person to her. It made me almost sorry I’d bought the high-commissioned draperies from her. If I ever have to buy more shades from that store, I don’t think I’ll seek her out!

BIG WINNERS who make it in sales or any other profession don’t stop showing interest in the customer the moment the sale is made. Treat customers with the same deference and respect until the last good-bye. Incidentally, a quick “Have a nice day” doesn’t cut it. Extend the conversation at least a few sentences so they feel like it’s personal, not just another cash register click. You’ll be more apt to get another sale from this grateful customer who senses you like him or her—as a person.

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