Don’t Say “Happy Easter.” Be Original & Kick It Up a Notch

Author: Leil Lowndes

You hear dozens of phrases that are so prevalent they don’t mean anything anymore. You know, like “Have a nice weekend” and (my personal pet peeve) “Have a nice day.” The sound goes in one ear and out the other—and you must mouth the knee-jerk reaction, “You too.” 

Holiday wishes aren't exempt from the "Hackneyed Phrase Syndrome." Easter is coming up this Sunday and you will hear “Happy Easter” so many times that almost becomes meaningless.

Take this wonderful holiday as an opportunity break out of the stale phrase pattern. Your friends will enjoy hearing something other than the trite almost obligatory “Happy Easter.” To make your wish more sincere and heartfelt try something like,“I hope you have a beautiful Easter” or “I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Easter.”

Isn’t the lovely holiday worth a whole sentence?

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