How to Make ’em Smile When They See Your Email Message

Author: Leil Lowndes

Here’s a fab little email trick which is used way too seldom.  People who juggle a mammoth amount of email daily (like almost 100% of us) could save tons of time . . . and create good will with the recipient.

In Internet jargon, EOM stands for “End of Message.” If you put it at the end of your subject line, the recipient doesn’t even have to open your email. They get the point (and appreciate not having to open it.) It’s a super time-saver when you just want to say thanks, confirm an appointment, or let the sender know you got the message. I usually put it between stars like this: *EOM*

Here are some common things you can say in your subject line.

Thanks  *EOM*

Confirmed  *EOM*

Totally agree  *EOM*

Good job!  *EOM*

        So, if I could write a personal email to you, here's my subject line.

Thanks for reading my little tips!  *EOM*   

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