How to Survive Thanksgiving and Save Everyone at the Table

Author: Leil Lowndes

Thanksgiving dinner is often a time when you see your relatives once a year (Some think that’s once too much–and there’s a reason for that which I’ll get into shortly.)

Hosts all over the country laboriously contemplate every facet of the great Thanksgiving feast. They painstakingly plan every detail from the turkey to the pumpkin pie. But, tragically, most don't consider the ONE element that often turns the holiday from delightful to dreadful. The dinner CONVERSATION.

Some people assume Thanksgiving dinner is the time to talk about “important" family stuff. They grill the kids on their grades, ask about their brother-in-law’s unsuccessful job search, or query grandma about her end-of-life wishes. Except for families who have stuffed their turkey with Prozac, conversation–especially after a couple of glasses of wine–can get pretty unpleasant or at least boring.

Here’s where YOU come in! Even if you’re not hosting the festivities (lucky you,) you have the ability to assure the day’s success. How? By thinking ahead of time what each person at the table would most enjoy talking about. Then find a way to casually ask him/her about that.

If things start to go downhill, take charge! You can save the day by suggesting each person around the table tell everyone one thing they have to be thankful for. (If I were at your table, I'd tell you about my gratitude for all my wonderful readers.) 

I pray you have a joyful Thanksgiving. And do give some thought to helping make it a delight for all by keeping the conversation upbeat.

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