How to Walk on the Street with Someone (What???)

Author: Leil Lowndes

That sounds like a pretty lame topic, right? But, hold on, there are some subtleties you might want to consider. By employing a few of the following little tips, you show the person you're strolling with that you like and respect him or her. (You can also observe their walk to get a sense how they feel about you!)

1.    Move anything you’re carrying (like a purse or briefcase) to your other side. Any “barrier” between you is instinctively a shield.

2.    Walk in step. People who are of a like mind tend to mirror each other’s body language.

3.    Consciously turn your head toward her/him more often than you ordinarily would.

4.    Let your strolling partner decide the pace. She’s a fast walker? Speed up. A leisurely walker? Slow down.

5.    Shrink the distance between you. When people argue, they walk almost an arm’s length apart. Close friends walk much closer–so choose an appropriately friendly distance. Women, you can occasionally let your arm come fleetingly in touch with his or hers.

"But what if I don't want to be friends with this person," you ask. Well, just do the opposite of everything you just read!

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