Deepen Friendships Without Saying a Word

Author: Leil Lowndes

We like people who like us. (It means they have good taste, right?)  So, it only stands to reason, to encourage someone to like you professionally or socially, find ways to demonstrate you like them. No, we’re not talking compliments. Those are old-school, obsequious and way too obvious. Besides, 90% of our communicating is body language. Let’s start at the top:

Your eyebrows are more truthful than your smile—which is easier to fake. The first indication you like someone is, upon first spotting him/her, give “the eyebrow bounce.” That’s a quicker-than-lightening grasshopper-leap up of both eyebrows which tells them, “I’m happy to see you.”

#2  Even while he/she’s talking, occasionally lift your eyebrows ever-so-slightly higher than normal. Men, nodding your head almost imperceptibly is powerful. A woman can cock her head slightly to one side to show she’s really listening.  

3#  Keep your hands and arms open wider than your body. No umpire-like crossed arms here. It spells rejection. Or worse, speaking football, “a delay-of-game foul.”

#4  Lean slightly toward him/her. You can even stand a tad closer. (Be cautious with this one, though. You don’t want any sexual misinterpretation.)

#5  If sitting side-by-side, cross your legs (or slightly turn your knees) toward him/her.

#6  When speaking, use animated hand gestures which subconsciously signal “You are important to me and I want to be sure I'm expressing myself clearly with you.”

These tips may sound obvious to you. In fact, I hope so because they are to sensitive people. The problem is that even they don’t often use them consciously. The “Little Trick” is to do just that!

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