How to Be More Magnetic Without Saying a Word

Author: Leil Lowndes

Here’s a Little Trick that works instantly. Yet, strangely enough, I’ve never known anyone to use it consciously. It will make you look more approachable, attractive, and amiable.

It concerns your at-rest facial expression, the one you never think about and is seldom discussed. It’s the face you present when you think no one is watching.

Some people’s lips naturally curve up at the edges. Other mouths are straight, and yet others curve down.  People who have a NATURAL up-tilt appear friendlier and are more approachable.

Here's how to tell if you have that welcoming friendly look: Go grab a ruler and stand in front of a mirror. Measure whether the corners of your lips are ever-so-slightly higher than the rest. If so, you are one of the lucky minority who looks friendlier. You could be one of the most welcoming, happy, and pleasant people in the world, but if the corners of your lips are slightly lower than the rest, your agreeable qualities are not as evident to the world.

“What if I don't have that naturally happy, confident and content expression” you might ask. Not a problem. It’s easy to attain by simply raising the corners of your lips ever so slightly. (In my seminars, I sometimes ask people to close their eyes and think of someone they love.  That does the trick! Everyone in the room suddenly looks more attractive.)

Don't get me wrong. I am NOT talking about a fake pasty smile on your face. That would be really creepy! I'm simply referring to an EVER-SO-SLIGHT lift of the outer tips of your lips.

Try it for a few days and it will become a habit. You won’t even have to think about it. Yet you’ll see how strangers and acquaintances instantly respond more warmly to you.

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