Make A Great Impression — That Lasts!

Author: Leil Lowndes

Everyone knows the importance of a first impression.  But what about your last impression? That sticks with people for a very long time. Why? Because your friendliness when you part subliminally signals how you feel about THEM.

Think about it. If someone gives you a big hearty “Hello,” you feel great. But, later, if they lethargically mumble “good bye,” you can’t help but subconsciously think they like you less now. Natural paranoia takes over and we feel we disappointed them in the encounter. Don’t do that to people! When introduced to someone, END your conversation even more enthusiastically than you started it. Some suggestions:

At the END of your conversation, tell a new acquaintance, “I’m so happy I met you, Miguel!”
At the END of a chance-meeting, tell your colleague, “Good bumping into you, Barry.”
At the END of a chat, tell your friend, “I always enjoy our conversations, Chelsea.”
At the END of a phone conversation, “It’s so much fun talking to Fiona.”
At the END of a meeting, “I appreciate the points you made, Peter.”
At the END of a date, “It was lovely being with you, Brendon.”

A lively farewell –- LETTING THEIR NAME BE THE LAST WORD THEY HEAR — is like a warm kiss at the end of an evening. A lackluster, low-energy one sounds like a kiss-off.

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