A Cool Way To Give Your Business Card

Author: Leil Lowndes

Trading business cards? Don’t just hand yours to the recipient like a worthless piece of cardboard stock. I’ve seen people swap cards as though they were dirty Kleenexes.

Don’t demean yourself like that! You are giving someone a representation of yourself. When you handle your card with reverence, it shows you take pride in your profession. Here's how: Take your card out of an attractive carrying case and present it HORIZONTALLY, WITH THE SCRIPT FACING THE RECIPIENT. Hold it just a bit HIGHER than usual—not in his face—but at a height where he could almost read it in your hands. If you show respect your work, others will, too.

Now she’s giving you her card? Do not just glance at it and quickly stash it in your pocket or purse. First, hold the card with BOTH HANDS and gaze at it as though it were a small piece of art she had hand-painted on rice paper especially for you. Then switch it to one hand, but continue holding it at waist level or just below. Give her card a RESPECTFUL GLANCE FROM TIME TO TIME. You are now making her feel especially esteemed and valued.

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