“Bond” With Everybody In Seconds

Author: Leil Lowndes

“Everyone? That’s impossible,” you rightfully protest. I agree, it sounds like an outlandish exaggeration. But it’s not. Read on.
The technique is similar to “The 6 Second Kiss” which is, quite simply (though seldom practiced,) planting 3 kisses a day on your spouse or partner – each lasting 6 seconds. (Gentlemen, forget the “peck” when you’re going to or coming home for work – give her the full six seconds!)
But we’re not talking partners, kisses, and 6 seconds here. We’re talking about almost everybody, warm gazes and 3 seconds. When, say, a colleague or employee enters your office, immediately stop what you’re doing and reward them with a deferential 3 second gaze. Shine that 3 seconds of sunshine on a passing acquaintance, the pharmacist who fills your prescription, the gas station attendant who comes to your car to pump gas.
And, of course, don’t forget your spouse. Put down that newspaper or tear your eyeballs away from the tube when he or she comes into the room. A respectful 3-second gaze can make a world of difference in all your personal and professional relationships.

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