Let The Dude Face The Door

Author: Leil Lowndes

First, attention ladies: Whenever you go to a restaurant with a man, whether he's a client, boss, husband, main squeeze, first date, or just plain friend — let HIM have the chair facing the door. Is this being sexist? No way. It's simply being savvy about the confounding neurological verity that males of our species are not at ease with their backs to the door. Don't ask me why. Maybe it comes from the old West when the cowboy never knew what gun slinging outlaw was going to kick open the saloon door and blast him in the back.

Now, gentlemen: Sure, go ahead and make a nose dive for the facing-the-door chair. That is, if you want to make a power-play or express superiority. But be sensitive to the fact that it's a subconsciously male-coveted seat. Are you with a client, prospect, male boss, or a good buddy? Let the other dude face the door if you want him comfy enough to buy from you, promote you, or just feel good vibes in your presence.

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