How Can I Meet More People at Parties?

Author: Leil Lowndes

‘Tis the season . . . of holiday parties. And readers have asked for more tips on meeting and mingling.  

Tip 1: Planting hidden cameras in the ceiling at parties, researchers proved that people are more apt to approach you if you are not balancing any food in your hands.  If you want to hold a drink, keep it below waist level so people don’t see your knuckles which subliminally signal “go away.”  Women, a shoulder bag is best to keep your hands free.

Tip 2: Wear something fun and festive that people can comment on. You don't have to don a Santa Claus hat. But things like tiny Christmas ball earrings for women or a reindeer tie for men draws smiling attention.

Tip 3: Isn't it distressing when everyone is chatting amicably and you’re standing all alone? Here's relief. Employ the world’s most obvious but under-used technique: Think of yourself as the Official Party Greeter. Find someone standing alone, extend your hand and say, "Hi, my name is . . . . And yours?"  Follow up with a question like "How do you know the host?" They'll be grateful for the rescue.

Can't find a loner? Then approach a few people casually conversing and say, “I hardly know anyone here. May I join you?” They’ll think you’re courageous and cool–and you’ll be astounded by their warm welcome.

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