Run When Their Phone Rings

Author: Leil Lowndes

Have you ever been chatting with someone in their office and Brrring! Their phone rings. They answer, listen for a second, clear their throat, and say “Um, er, can I call you back?” They’re sure you suspect they’re dodging the police, the IRS, or a past lover. (More likely they just didn’t want to mollify a grouchy Mom while you were listening.) Or perhaps they do talk to their caller — but your presence cramps their style. Don’t do this to people!!!

The moment a friend, colleague, boss or anyone you’re talking to has a phone call, RUN! Pretend you are intensely interested in the hideous painting hanging just outside their office; Or you’re dying of thirst and welcome the opportunity to head for the water cooler down the hall. Or (an all-time favorite,) you suddenly develop an urgent need for the restroom.

Don’t return to their office until their conversation is over. You’ll see their grateful smile as you come back — AFTER they’ve hung up!

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