A Sure-Fire Way to Meet People at a Party

Author: Leil Lowndes

Have you ever stood on the sidelines at a party wishing your outfit matched the wallpaper so no one would notice you? Or, worse, been trapped alone in the middle of a laughing, talking throng with a drink in a plastic cup and a plastic smile to match? When partying passersby smile at you, you assume they're smirking out of sympathy because you have no one to talk to.

If you don't know many people at a party, here’s the way to avoid this distressing situation. Make this agreement with someone at the gathering you do know well. Suggest, “Friend, I'll introduce you to everybody I know or meet, and you do the same for me." I call it a "Cross-Introduction Contract"

            You might think this is obvious and will happen naturally. But I assure you, unless you sign a verbal treaty, it probably won't!

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