How to Survive Holiday Parties

Author: Leil Lowndes

Here come the company holiday bashes we all love to say we hate. Whether you’re pro or con, here are a few smooth survival moves.

1.       Stand near the middle of the room. (Studies show that’s where VIPs instinctively gravitate.)

2.       Hold your drink in your left hand. Nobody wants to shake a wet cold one.

3.       If you take her business card, don’t just stuff it in your pocket or purse. Hold it at waist height and glance at it several times while chatting.  This expresses curiosity and respect.

4.       It is impressive to have a quality business card case. But insert only a few cards at a time in it so you don’t look like you’re dealing from a big deck.

5.       When introducing someone, follow up with a sentence or two (preferably something intriguing) about one or both to get lively conversation going.  

6.       To escape a boring chat, say “It’s been great talking with you. I’ll let you mingle now so others will have a chance to meet you.”

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