The 3 Second Trick To “Connect” With Everyone

Author: Leil Lowndes

Everyone? That’s impossible you rightfully comment. I agree, it does sound like an outlandish exaggeration. But it’s not. Read on.

Have you heard of the “6 seconds Kiss” in a marriage or love affair? Quite simply (though seldom practiced,) it is giving your partner several kisses every day that last at least 6 seconds They are most effectively bestowed when greeting or saying goodbye to your partner if you’re going to be away more than a few hours. . It can be to/from a trip; to/from work; – – -or anytime just to show your love.

But we’re not talking just about partners, kisses, and 6 seconds here. We’re talking about almost everybody, warm gazes and 3 seconds.

You can grant this respectful 3 second gaze to, say, a colleague who enters the room in a meeting; a cashier who takes your money at the pharmacy, the gas station attendant who comes to your car to pump gas.

And, yes, your significant other. Put down that newspaper or rip your eyes away from the tube when he or she comes back from having spent some time in the other room. Look lovingly at your partner of at least 3 seconds.
(Just don’t get this suggestion mixed up and kiss the gas station attendant for 6 seconds.)

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