Trick Yourself into Keeping Good Eye Contact

Author: Leil Lowndes

When meeting new people, maintaining good eye contact is probably the most crucial element. But you already knew that!
In the Western world, strong eye contact signals honesty, respect, interest, intelligence, candor, and confidence. Yet, for many of us, the most difficult aspect of meeting people is looking into their eyes long enough to really connect with them.
Here’s help for the eye contact-challenged: During the introduction, hold their gaze while silently describing the color of her eyes to yourself. Are they blue? Brown? Green? Then check out the shape of his eyes. Are they round? Oval? Almond? Are her lashes short? Long? Curly or straight? What about pupil size? How much of the whites are showing? And how white are they? Yellowish? Reddish? A bit bloodshot?
That “Little Trick” (and a strong handshake) should put you on the path to a positive relationship.

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