Use Your Cell Like A Singer’s Microphone

Author: Leil Lowndes

Have you ever watched American Idol? If so, you know what I’m talking about. When a contestant howls a hard rock song at 120 decibels, he holds his microphone at arm’s length. If he didn’t, he’d be slapped with a class-action suit for hearing loss.

Then, while softly singing near-silent sweet nothings for the swooning viewers and Simon, his lips almost brush the windscreen. If they didn’t, fans would frantically scramble for their remote controls, fearing the TV volume was off.

Now, back to you. You’ve probably laughed loudly at a friend’s jokes on the phone. And whispered undying love to your lambie-pie on your cell. But if you'd held the phone at the same distance from your mouth for both calls, you would blast your friend’s ears off. And cause Lambie-Pie to shatter the sensuous moment by saying, “Huh, what? Wha-did-ja-say?”

SOLUTION: Constantly VARY the distance of your cell from your lips. Push it away – bring it back. Stretch it far – pull it close. Be sensitive to your volume and your listener’s ears. Incidentally, a quick cell pull-away works wonders to mask coughs, burps and other unseemly noises emanating from your mouth.

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